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It’s been a hectic summer holiday and I’ve been squeezing in time to paint or draw daily. Nothing pressured just grabbing whatever is closest and letting the medium dance across the page.

When I look at these I really like my individual way of drawing, my unique marks and what makes me an artist. For years I probably wouldn’t have used that word but it’s not taboo it’s how I would describe myself. But I do think I’d be better suited to the term artisan because I’ve got my finger in many pies so to speak!

Today I managed to dedicate an hour or so to acrylic painting. Just using a limited palette and working on small A5 card stock. I worked between multiple compositions using newspaper for collage. I haven’t used acrylic paints in a while and I forgot how much I love it. There’s something ever so satisfying about creating with your hands and those hands reflecting the riot of colour across your chosen canvas.